Blackmail – the ultimate in power…

Christopher Patterson is a business mogul, his prowess and influence creating a commanding empire. His methods of takeover are ruthless, and he takes pleasure in garnering every expensive toy money can buy. He holds many secrets, ones that would obliterate his empire if discovered. His nemesis waits, shadowed in the darkness, determined to destroy everything Christopher has worked for. A tortured man, Christopher’s dark needs for complete control prove unsuccessful when dominating a woman. That is until Genevieve Tallen comes into his life.

Genevieve is a successful entrepreneur, her advertising agency well respected. She is lonely and unfulfilled in every relationship, but meeting Christopher is electric. She’s able to release her submissive side and become the woman she finally learns to accept. Drawn into a twisted relationship, satisfying their respective kinky desires, there is no way for her to know she’s fallen into a scandalous web of deceit. A secret men’s club, one fueling every deep-seated fantasy, is the backdrop for blackmail.

Two men vie for a woman’s submission, at the risk of losing their livelihoods as well as their very souls. Forced to face a damning past, Christopher has a decision to make, one that could change his relationship forever. Her obedience tested, only Genevieve can snap the tangled noose, the one dragging Christopher into the pits of Hell.

Danger. Dominance. Destruction.

Are Christopher and Genevieve strong enough to face and accept their needs? Is their relationship strong enough to weather the upcoming storm? Will their love survive?

Publisher’s Note: This suspenseful mystery is intended for adults only. It contains power exchange themes, graphic content including anal, and elements of BDSM. If any of these themes offend you, please do not purchase.



Interview with Piper Stone


When did you know you wanted to be an author? When I was three or four. I wrote several novels by the time I was fourteen.


Do you listen to music and if so, what kind? Absolutely. I can’t write without music playing. My favorite to write by is metal music, specifically Disturbed.


If your mood was a song, what would be playing? Right now, given I’m writing some gothic thrillers, Beauty and Rage by Red.


What is your favorite color and why? My guess is some readers can guess. RED. The color absolutely fits my personality as well as my sign – Leo. Incidentally, RED is my favorite cologne as well.


What gives you inspiration for writing your books? Everything and anything. I’ve often said that whatever concept a reader would give me, I could write a story around it. My current passion revolves around animal. I have two beautiful Golden Retrievers and they are my special muses. I have a wonderful series coming out called Rescue Me, which will highlight my love of animals.


What other hobbies do you have? I love cooking, baking and wine tasting. I used to be a caterer so the old habits refuse to die. I adore Sous Vide cooking as well as smoking.


Twizzlers or chocolate? Twizzlers all the way. I’m allergic to chocolate.


What genres do you write in? I write a mixed bag from erotic romance to romantic suspense, spanking, BDSM, thrillers and even horror. I’ve been known to pen a few poems now and then.




Piper Stone writes in several genres including erotic romance, Domestic Discipline, spanking, Domination and submission and traditional romance. She has a love of the non-traditional, preferring to create worlds that defy the imagination. Wine and sous vide cooking are only second to her love of golden retrievers and you might find all three nestled in the pages of a book or two. She has several releases coming from Blushing Books including Truth or Dare, Dirty Little Secrets – His Hidden Girl and Power Exchange – Becoming.


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