Twenty-five-year-old Adella “Della” Belmonte is a romance novelist who, despite her racy books, hasn’t even lost her virginity. Shy, romantic, and day dreamer enthusiast Della would rather write about the perfect guy rather than plunge herself into the dating world. But when she starts getting threats and harassing phone calls, she unwillingly seeks the help of her ex-boyfriend and local policeman, Antonio Reyes.

Antonio is a well-respected member of the police force with a bossy and protective personality which drives her crazy. Antonio is still in love with Della even after all these years and vows to protect her. Even if he has to redden her bottom every day to make her listen to reason. Della and Antonio find each other again as the hunt for Della’s stalker begins, but can he save her when she strikes out on her own to find her mysterious “Unknown Caller”?

Publisher Notes: This steamy romantic suspense contains a theme of power exchange.

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“You’re getting a spanking,” he said calmly as if it were the most normal thing in the world. He sat down on the loveseat and pulled her down on his lap gently. She was too shocked and humiliated to fight him. He pressed his large hand on her bottom, cupping it gently. “I gave you a chance to apologize for your disrespectful attitude. You didn’t, so it seems you’re learning the hard way.”

“You don’t have to spank me to get me to learn a lesson,” she spat. She squirmed over his lap but didn’t try to run to the door. A part of her felt like she did deserve this spanking. She had been behaving like a complete jerk to Antonio when he had dropped everything on his plate in order to save her life. Maybe a spanking was what she needed, even if it was completely embarrassing. It seemed to leave a lasting impression on her. After her first spanking all those years ago, Della didn’t touch another alcoholic drink for almost two years.

It felt weird being spanked as an adult. Neither she nor Maria had been spanked growing up. She had been a quiet, dreamy child, content to be alone with her own thoughts, while Maria had been more rebellious. Spanked for discipline, was there really such a thing? She shivered. Were there other women being draped over a man’s lap, getting disciplined for their wrong doings? Della doubted she was the only one.

She saw as Antonio’s shoulders relaxed at her submissive posture. He had probably thought she was going to scratch his eyes out instead of getting a subdued version. “A spanking will help you think better about your actions. It might help keep your sassy remarks to yourself once in a while,” he joked lightly.

She pouted as she rested her chin on the seat she was currently draped over. “Do you think all women should be spanked every time they do something their man doesn’t approve of? How many women are you spanking, Antonio? I didn’t realize it was part of your job description. You should get a raise.”

A sharp slap landed unexpectedly on her rear, leaving behind a short, stinging sensation on the back of her jeans. “I think a little discipline now and then would do some women good, within good measure. I’m not talking about beating a woman until she is black and blue, mind you. I’m just talking about reddening her cheeks when she deserves it. A spanking now and then helps women reflect about their own naughtiness. It helps keep them in check. As for the women I’m spanking, I’m only thinking about the sharp-tongued vixen over my lap at the moment.” He winked at her and she turned away, blushing.

Della suddenly felt his hands rummaging around her waist, looking for the button of her jeans. She arched her back in surprise when Antonio managed to find the it and pulled them down, along with her sky-blue panties, in under thirty seconds. “Why did you undress me? Pull my panties back up,” she squealed as she started moving around like a fish out of water. He had a tight grip around her waist, and she couldn’t move as much as she wanted.

“Sorry,” he said, sounding like he was trying hard not to smile. She wanted to wipe the smirk off his face. “Bad girls get spanked on their bare bottoms.”