Five spicy cowboys dispensing discipline in this steamy western collection!

Welcome to the wild Wyoming Territory when men were strong and determined to protect their women, whether the women wanted it or not. And that protection included taking the women in hand and dispensing a dose of western justice on their backsides.

This steamy historical western romance collection contains the following full-length books:

MARRIAGE BY MAIL, the story that started it all! Derek McBride and Molly Brewer are introduced by her cousin Philip Hickam, via letters in the mail. They end up marrying on the very day they meet when she arrives in Big Rock. It’s a tale with sweet romance, humor, action, horse theft, murder and a bonus romance of Philip and Bethie, Molly’s friend.

A BADGE IN BIG ROCK, Amy McCray comes to Big Rock to find the only witness who can free her brother from jail on a bogus murder charge. Enter Sheriff James Larkin who not only insists on helping her (to her consternation), but falls head over heels in love with her.

DEPUTY’S DILEMMA, Evie Goodacre has run away from her ne’er-do-well outlaw father and brothers, who have arranged to repay a debt by marrying her off to one of their despicable cohorts. After three weeks of camping in the wild, she takes refuge from a bad storm in what she thinks is an abandoned cabin. What she didn’t know is that the cabin’s owner, Deputy Aaron Glover, was arriving that very day for his annual hunting trip.

BIG ROCK RESCUE, Sadie Shepard runs away from an orphanage before her eighteenth birthday because they have arranged for her to marry a weasel of a lawyer, a vile and repulsive older man. She steals a horse and the supplies to live, and after a few weeks, finds an abandoned mine to hide in. Dr. Elliott Larkin, the sheriff’s brother, has just lost his family to a fire and has decided to move back to Big Rock. Riding past his childhood haunts, he hears the rumbling of the earth and realizes the old mine is caving in.

BEDLAM IN BIG ROCK, Buck Whited loses his wife to sickness and his father to murder within just a few months.  When he decides to crawl out of his mourning, he stops by to visit his friend, Dr. Elliott Larkin, and is introduced to Callie Mae Weathers and her friend, Lilac Indigo Preston. Buck had no idea his life would change so drastically within four short days!

Take a trip to Big Rock and you’ll find humor, mystery, sweet romances, strong heroes, loveable and capable heroines, evil villains and a whole lot of spice. You’ll be glad you took the trip!

Publisher’s Note: This action-filled Western romance series contains a theme of power exchange.

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Derek spent much of the evening brooding over the horse thief situation and seeing if he could come up with a plan to help out the sheriff.

The next morning, he said he’d come back for lunch, then they’d spend the afternoon practicing with the new guns and getting her accustomed to shooting again.

“But, Derek, let’s go pick up my sewing machine! I can’t wait to get my hands on it.”

“Darlin’, that can wait a day or two. That gang has stepped up their game, and I need to know you’ll be armed and ready to shoot if you have to when I’m away.”

“No, let’s go this morning, please? We can still practice this afternoon.”

“I have to go down to the lower southeast corner with a couple of the men and help cut up a huge tree that’s fallen on the fence, and then we have to rebuild that whole length of the fence row. That can’t wait. If we’re going to have any new horses on ours or Whited’s ranch in the days coming up, then that fence needs to be in place. Horses get loose, you know.”

“No, Derek!” she whined. “I don’t want to wait.”

“Molly, please understand and be patient. It’ll only be a couple of days, and we’ll go get your machine.”

“Dammit, Derek!” She stomped her bare foot. “That fence can wait a day—and those men can handle it without you. It’s just a stupid fence.”

“That’s enough,” he said resolutely as he strode purposefully across the room. “I didn’t think I’d have to do this with you, but by damn, I won’t shrink from it, either.”

When he’d taken only a couple of steps, Molly knew she’d overstepped and was about to pay for it. She would have tried to run, but she couldn’t move. Her eyes got bigger and bigger as he approached.

He got close to her and pulled a chair from the table. He put his left foot on one rung, raising his thigh parallel to the floor, and in the next instant, he had her turned over that thigh. She tried to push herself off but didn’t have anything but air to try to press her feet against. She could only reach his legs with her hands, but that didn’t let her gain enough purchase to push herself away from him.

“I’m far more interested in your safety—our safety and the men’s and Hank and Angie’s safety—than I am about your sewing right now. I do what I think is the best and right thing to do, and you aren’t going to whine and pitch a fit like that.” As he spoke, he pulled her skirt and petticoat up and over her until they fell over and covered her head. He didn’t even try to untie her bloomers. He put his hand inside the waistband and yanked, ripping them off, and he let them fall to the floor in tatters. Then he started in with the flat of his hand.

It took only a split second for the pain to make itself the center of Molly’s world. He began on her buttocks, applying swats every two or three seconds or so, just long enough for the pain to set in before striking again. He struck all over the round of each cheek, then started downward to her upper thighs. Her legs flailed about but didn’t thwart him or lessen the bite.

“Ow! Derek, no, I’m so sorry! Stop it! That hurts!” She struggled and tried to turn and roll or push herself away, but he controlled her by firmly holding his left arm around her middle, pulling her into him.

“Darlin’, if it’s not hurtin’, I’m not doing it right. I won’t put up with a fit like that. You’re not like that, and I intend to make sure you don’t act like that again.” His hand backed up his words, and she wondered when it had turned into iron.

“Please, I’ve learned my lesson. Please stop!” Her tears were beginning to fall on the floor, at least the tears that weren’t being caught in her hair as she tossed her head around. “No, stop! I can’t take any more! Ow!”

“I’m not done yet,” he said evenly, not sounding angry. “You aren’t getting’ up until your backside is red as a beet, you hear me? We aren’t there yet.” He continued up her thigh to her right cheek, to the left cheek, and back down her left thigh again, about halfway to her knees. At times, his big hand spanned both sides.

“Please, no, Derek! I can’t stand it anymore; it hurts too much. Stop, stop! N-not on my legs!” Her words were nearly lost in her wracking sobs. “I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry!”

Next came a powerful volley that didn’t follow a pattern. He covered her in redness from the top swell of her buttocks to the middle of her thighs. He finished off with a couple of swats to each of her sit spots, those tender areas where buttock meets thigh. She had stopped trying to fight him and was simply weeping. He was satisfied that he’d made his point and rubbed her bottom softly.

“Are you going to pitch any more hissy fits, darlin’?” he asked in a tender tone as he kept lightly rubbing.