This was the second occasion she had kept me waiting for her own amusement and I was growing tired of her games, even though they had intrigued me on our first meeting. Unlike most men, I did not love silly feminine plays of power and affection. But then I wasn’t all human.

I was a Trian hybrid conceived in the union of a human female and a Trian male. I had been forced to keep my true identity a secret from society. If I ever settled down with a woman I hoped she would be a Trian hybrid with whom I had connected on a deep psychic level as well as physically.

My people had been forced to take refuge on Earth centuries ago in a primitive society years behind our own technical capabilities and our intelligence. This was because of the invasion of our world, Trianon, light years away from here. Many of our females had been stolen by our invaders, the Saipiean Alliance for mating and more had died when the Saipieans brought the plague which had killed their own women at the time. Lonely and bereft at their loss, the Trian males developed a fondness for human women and joined with them to create a new breed of our race.

Although I toyed with and pleasured many Earth women I yearned for one whom I could love, protect , tame and master. That was when Juliet, the hybrid Queen of our race, was presented to me as a mate. Eager to fully possess her, I would not rest until she was tamed to my will with her full surrender and submission so I could ensure her protection from the enemies of our race determined to take her from me.

Publisher’s warning: This book contains strong scenes of BDSM, Spanking, Caning, Enema, Medical Play and much more. If this type of material offends you, please do not buy this book. Please also note this book was written as an erotic alternative to my novel, Knight of Swords written under my pen name, Arabella Kingsley.

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