by Jill Shannon

Dulcinea Bedford’s mom’s last words to her were, “Live the adventures we always dreamed about.” Well, that was what she was going to do. Boarding the newest BDSM ship, Black Diamond, of the Midnight Oasis Cruise Line was the first step into her world of adventure.
Jackson Blackhawk, a native American Indian, had seen Dulcinea in the streets of New York. Knowing the odds of finding her again were nearly impossible didn’t stop him from wanting her. However, when he sees her boarding the Black Diamond, he knows fate has played a role in bringing them together.
Dulcinea, being new to the BDSM lifestyle, only confirms Jackson’s determination to be her only Master… until Samuel Romanoff enters the picture and a whole new adventure unexpectedly begins for her.
Join the crew of the Midnight Oasis Cruise Line on their last journey into a world of decadence, intrigue, and love.
DISCLAIMER: This book contains elements of domestic discipline and BDSM, power exchange, and explicit sexual scenes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.



Enjoy this free preview of Black Diamond:
Chapter One

Maximillian Greco sat across the desk from Dulcinea Bedford. In her hand she held the final words from her mother. The envelope she held was already tear stained from when her mother had sealed it.
Reading the writing on the front, she recognized her mother’s handwriting. It read, “Dulcinea open this with Max, you will understand.”
“If you like I can leave the room till you’re done. She asked that you remain here, but it’s not necessary for me to be in the room.” Maximillian asked her.
“No, it’s okay, besides it’s your office.” A beautiful smiled appeared on her face. I know it’s sad she’s gone and I miss her. But she always had an angle and she could always make you smile.” Max grinned back at her knowing the woman she spoke of. Dulcinea opened the envelope. The two getting comfortable in their chairs. She began to read.
Dear Sweet Girl,
If you are reading, this it means I’ve left this earth. Don’t cry for me, celebrate for me because you know I’m in a better place. I want you to live. Live like there’s no tomorrow. I tried very hard to make our bad times as good as could be. I regret not getting to do the things we always dreamed of. I would have liked to see Paris and Italy for real, but I die happy holding onto those dreams for you.
Do you remember when you were twelve, and we snuck into the movie theater? It was the first movie I took you to. Do you remember? I never laughed so hard at the end of a sad movie. When you stood from your chair and yelled at me. “You named me after a whore? Why would you do that?” Do you remember what I said to you? “Because just like the heroine in my favorite movie, you are going to be very special to someone someday, and I hope they treasure you like Don Quixote.”
You, my beautiful Dulcinea, are going to be able to do those things now. Max has two more envelopes for you. In one envelope are the dreams we dreamed. I might not have been able to give you much growing up, but you always knew you were loved. Now, I can give you what I couldn’t when you were younger. Take what’s in that envelope and live our dreams. Have fun, live for both of us.
The other envelope. Oh this is so hard. I prayed so hard on making this decision. But you have the right to know who your father really is. I pray you never meet him. DO NOT GO LOOKING FOR HIM! He is an evil man and if you never meet him, he can never hurt you. Everything he touches turns to ash. If I could I would never have told you, but I don’t want you to guess anymore. In the other envelope is your answer. But I beg you never open that envelope.
I will be watching over you always. Do not live your days in sorrow. I will always love you, sweet girl. God couldn’t have sent a more perfect angel when he blessed me with you. Until we can be together again one day.
Love always and forever,
Max handed her the two envelopes. “Dulcinea, your mom was a very special woman and she loved you very much. Don’t ever doubt that. She made sure you would be taken care of.”
“Mr. Greco. Did you know my mother well?”
“Yes, I did. She was a good friend. Why do you ask?”
Dulcinea opened the one envelope, and looked inside. Her doe-like brown eyes rounded like saucers. “How did she do this?”
“Every extra dollar she got, she invested. Right before she got sick she took out an insurance policy. Ironic right?” Max caught the comment quickly. “I’m sorry, that was very insensitive of me.”
“It’s okay, you don’t have to apologize to me.” Looking back in the envelope, she asked him. “What am I supposed to do with all of this money?”
“You could do the same thing and invest it. Or you could do what your mother wanted you to do! Have fun, live, have an adventure. I have a friend who is launching a ship in Dubai in a few months. I could sponsor you.”
“Sponsor me for what?”
“It’s a BDSM cruise. For the launch only, you need to be invited. If you’re not invited, you can still go. You just need to be sponsored.”
Dulcinea had heard the term BDSM, but really had never thought much about it. “What if I don’t fit in?”
Maximillian looked her over from a Master’s position. She was a very beautiful woman. Her breasts were big and her waist was trim. She had great gripping hips, but what drew a person to Dulcinea was her long dark hair and soulful dark brown eyes. “You’ll fit in perfectly. That’s why I’m suggesting it. I trust my instincts and they are telling me you need to come on this cruise. But if you don’t want to participate, you can always wear the red band. The ship leaves Dubai in September if you’re interested? You’ll need to fill out paperwork, and have a medical exam.”
“Do you think I should open the other envelope?” Dulcinea looked at Max, changing the subject.
“That’s totally up to you.”
Dulcinea sat in the chair holding the two envelopes, and her mother’s letter. Finally, she looked at Max. A look of resolve on her face. “Okay, I’ll do it. Where do I sign?”
She grinned. “BDSM cruise here I come.”
Jackson Blackhawk looked at his doctor and friend Peter Macalister. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me? Check the results again. Somebody mixed up the results. It’s not true.”
“Jackson, I’m really sorry, but it’s true.”
“I just signed a three-year deal. What I’m I supposed to do? My life is fucking over.”
“Don’t be so dramatic. Your football career may be put on hold, but you’re not dying. Grow a set. My suggestion is to enjoy your vacation.”
“What are you talking about?”
“Dude, they still have to pay you. This was an injury on their field. Doing what they told you to do. You hit the injured reserve and you still get paid. Like I said, take a vacation. I’ll give your coach my findings, so they’ll have time to replace you. In the meantime, do you remember Dimitri Zilkin and Cameron Alexander from school?” Jackson shook his head yes. “They finally did what they always said they wanted to do. They have a BDSM cruise line. I happened to run into Dimitri and his fiancée. Super-hot chick. He sent me an invitation for the launch in Dubai. Why don’t you come?”
“What and be the third wheel with you and Davina? I don’t think so.”
“No, idiot. You’d have your own room. Go on line and check out the ship. It has a BDSM dungeon arena! Dude, this ship rocks. I would have to sponsor you though. So think about it and let me know.”
“What do you mean sponsor?”
Peter explained the terms for admission onto the Black Diamond. “Like I said, think about it.”
Jackson left the doctor’s office. He got into his black Mercedes and sat there. No more football for a while? What the hell am I going to do? He started the car and pulled out. He knew he should go talk to his coach, but now wasn’t the time. So, he detoured down to the docks. He parked the car and got out. Leaning his six-foot five hard lean body on the hood, he watched the ships. Peter may have a point. He pulled out his phone and looked for the Midnight Oasis Cruise Line. The images that popped up on his phone had his dick hardening.
 Jackson was a trained Master at the same BDSM dungeon as Peter and Davina. After sitting there for about a half hour, he called Peter. “All right, what do I have to do?”
“Go on-line and print the contract and medical release forms. I’ll do the rest. Dude, we’re going on a freakin BDSM cruise. I hear there is an auction the first night, so make sure you bring your check book.”
“Thanks, Peter, this really could have been a totally shitty day. I think a vacation is just what I need. Talk to you later.”
He got back into his car heading back to the city. He was around the corner from his Park Avenue apartment. Sitting at the light, he looked around. People were walking thru the crosswalk. Couples were sitting at outdoor cafes. He watched as a woman left a lawyer’s office. Her tear stained cheeks and red nose told him she had received some bad news too.
 He couldn’t remember the last sub’s name he had banged. That brought a whole new reality to the forefront of his brain. It had been a while since he had gotten laid. This cruise would fix that. He looked up and the light had changed. He began to roll forward, when all of a sudden she was standing right in front of his car. Her long dark hair reached her ass, and Jackson thought “what an ass!” Standing on the brakes, his car screeched to a stop.
Dulcinea was daydreaming as she left Max’s office. She was going on an adventure even if she had no clue what she was getting into. She needed to do some more research. She guessed that’s what made it an adventure. When all of a sudden she realized she was in the middle of the crosswalk and a car was coming right at her, she froze.
“Are you going to stand there all day? Or are you going to cross like everyone else,” the driver yelled out the window.
She turned her face towards him. Her big brown eyes glowered at him. “In a hurry to get some place you don’t want to be?” she questioned as she started walking to the other side.
She had a point. He really didn’t want to go home alone. “Yeah, but I could change my plans if you’re available?” he threw back at her.
She looked at the car and the size of the man in it. “Nope, I’m good.”
“I can make it worth your while?” Jackson was moving his car slowly thru the intersection. While cars behind him honked for him to move faster.
“You think I’m a whore?” she yelled back at him. Oh, if he ever knew my name he would think I was. She looked towards the heavens. “Thanks, Mom,” she said out loud.
His dick got hard with the thought of those red lips wrapped around his cock. “No, that’s not what I meant. I’m sorry. Would you like to get a drink?”
“Really I’m good. I have some place to be. Thanks for not running me over.” She began moving down the sidewalk faster and Jackson lost her in the crowd.
Well, I guess it’s either the dungeon or my hand. He decided on the dungeon and headed that way.
The day of the launch was here. Dulcinea had flown over with Max and his friends. He had become like a surrogate dad to her. He had answered all her questions about the BDSM lifestyle. He had even taken her to his club, refreshing her memories from college. Dulcinea was very much looking forward to this new beginning.
They were standing in line to get their photos taken for their cabin keys and the computer system. “Have you ever been on a cruise?” Rayna asked her. Rayna was Max’s “sub.” At least that’s what he called her. They had also become close. Max had Rayna take Dulcinea shopping for the cruise. Dulcinea didn’t think she would wear half of what they bought, but Rayna disagreed.
“No. I’ve been looking forward to it since I agreed to come.”
The security guard was handing her back all her credentials when she heard. “Are you going to stand there all day? Or are you going to let other people board?”
When Dulcinea heard the question, her head turned towards the familiar voice. Recognizing the voice, she asked Max to describe the man behind it. From the description, she knew it had to be the same man who had propositioned her on the street. She simply replied, “Nope, just leaving.” She would not give him the satisfaction. With her shoulders held high, she turned and headed for the elevators with Max and Rayna.
 The doors were closing when she heard. “You still owe me a drink.”
Six months before the cruise
“But I don’t want to leave yet, Max, couldn’t we have one more drink?” Dulcinea whined at him, then turned to Rayna. “He never has any fun does he?” Rayna’s reply was to suck the lemon wedge placed in front of her with the shot of tequila.
“I think you have had enough celebrating tonight. It’s time to get the two of you home.”
“I’ll help you get them to the car.” Xavier had come over to help Max.
“Xavier. Xavier?” Dulcinea yelled when she saw him. “Did you hear I passed my submissive training course? I’m a full-fledge sub now.” She was slurring some of her words.
“And as a new sub, you shouldn’t be drinking this much.” Xavier’s tone was stern. He knew she had been celebrating, but she still needed to be responsible about it.
“I haven’t had that much, and they were little drinks. I think Rayna called them fireballs. They were so good, Xavier. They tasted like cinnamon red hots. Have you ever eaten a red hot, Xavier?”
Xavier had started to guide Dulcinea to the car behind Max and Rayna. “No, poppet, I can’t say that I have.”
“They are so good, just like the drinks, all hot cinnamon tasting, and a burn in the back of your throat. After a while it doesn’t burn as bad though.” She smiled up at him as he caught her from falling off the last stair exiting the building. “Xavier, have you seen Max or Rayna? I’m not feeling that good, and I’d like to go home.” A faint shade of green coated Dulcinea’s skin.
“Yes, poppet. Max is getting the car; you should be home in no time.” Max stopped the car next to them and Xavier helped her into the back seat then belted her in. Rayna was already snoring in the front passenger seat. “She should be out before you leave the parking lot. Be prepared, Max, she was looking pretty green around the gills, before I put her in your pristine Lexus.
“I can only pray I can get her out before she hurls all over the Italian leather.”
“Good luck with that.” Max heard Xavier laugh as he closed the door sealing Dulcinea in the back seat.
It was a little past midnight and Max figured with the streets so deserted it would take him roughly thirty minutes to get home. He got comfortable in the driver seat, put on his favorite country station, and with the quiet snores of his passengers to keep him company, he began the trek home.
Max stopped at the last red light before entering their gated community. From where he sat he could see Jerry the night security guard leave the shack and get into the golf cart that waited outside the door.
The light changed to green and Max pushed his foot on the accelerator moving them into the middle of the intersection. Max never even saw the SUV before it plowed into the passenger side of the car pushing it to rest against a telephone pole on the opposite side of the street. It then backed up and left.
 Max had lost consciousness for a few moments. When he came to, the three of them were on the side of the road out of harm’s way. The fire truck was dousing the flames licking the mangled metal of his Lexus. The paramedics, were working on both Rayna and Dulcinea. He made his way over to them needing to know they were all right. Rayna assured him she was fine, just a few scratches. Dulcinea’s situation was not the same.
“Max, did you see the angel?” she had asked him.
“No, Didi, I didn’t.” He took her uninjured hand in his. Tears falling from his eyes.
“He told me everything was going to be all right. He’d be watching over me. I couldn’t see him, but I know I heard him.” She paused, as if trying to gather her thoughts. “Max, are you there?”
“Yes, Didi, I’m right here.” He squeezed her hand.
Dulcinea started to hyperventilate. “Max, I can’t see you. Why can’t I see you?” The panic was becoming real in her voice.
Max waved to get the paramedic’s attention. When he approached, he saw how agitated she was becoming. “Do you know if she is allergic to any medicine?”
“Not that I’m aware of.”
“Max, don’t leave me. Please help me.”
“Didi honey, you need to calm down. I’m not going to leave you. Everything will be all right.”
That was the last thing Dulcinea heard. The paramedic had given her a mild sedative, that helped to calm her down, but did nothing to give her back her eyesight.