I am a cowboy in my heart and soul. I’m also a smokejumper, with danger in my blood. But my life has always been missing something important: the love of my life. She is my joy, my salvation, this haunted and beautiful veterinarian.
But someone wants her dead. They’ll have to go through me. And I will protect her with my life…

The Jackals

An elite core of smokejumpers nestled in the heart of Missoula, Montana.By day they indulge in their penchant for danger.
By night they exude passion.
Are you ready for their brand of domination?
Prevent. Protect. Preserve. This is their motto.

Publisher’s Note: This action adventure romance offers suspense, danger, mystery, explicit scenes including ménage, and power exchange elements. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.



Stasha leaned forward in her chair until their lips were only a couple inches apart. “This can’t happen.” 

He tilted his head, considering her words. “I know.” Pressing his lips against hers, he was unable to shove away his desire, a deep-seated longing that pushed him past any level of rationality. Gripping her neck, he tugged her forward, allowing the kiss to become a roar of passion. His head was foggy, words and thoughts drifting in and out of his rational mind.  

Clinging to him, she whimpered, the sound floating between them as she darted her tongue inside his mouth. Every move was tentative, full of trepidation and she remained shaking. 

Boone pulled her into a standing position and slipped his arms around her waist, easing her off her feet. The kiss became passionate, their teeth gnashing together, the sounds guttural. 

She tugged at his shirt, yanking it from the waistband of his jeans and slid her hands underneath. 

Electric jolts shot through every cell in his body, creating a wave of heat. He rubbed his hands up and down her back as he ground his groin against her stomach. The friction was killing him. Easing her down, he panted as he stared into her eyes.  

Fisting his shirt, she gave him a lust filled smile, her breath ragged.  

“By all rights I should plant you over my knee and give you the spanking of your life.” 

“Why?” she challenged, a slight smile curling on her lip. 

“Because you scared me to death. That shit is never going to happen again. You got it?” 

“Yes, sir.” Fumbling with his buttons, she gave him a saucy wink. “A spanking, huh?” 

“Hard. With my hand and my belt.” 

Stasha darted a glance down to his belt, licking her lips. “I like a powerful man.” 

“Don’t tease me or else.” 

“Maybe I want to find out what you’ll do.” 

Even the expression on her face was far too tempting. Boone took a step back and wrangled with his shirt, yanking the material up and off his shoulders. Giving her no time, he grabbed a handful of her T-shirt, removing it within seconds.  

She gasped but her hands moved to his belt buckle, her hands moving deftly as she unfastened it, slipping the leather from the first loop. “I like a challenge.” 

“You’re going to learn you’re not the one giving orders.” Dear God, the woman was driving him insane. His lust fueling his every move, he slipped both straps of her bra down her arms, revealing her voluptuous breasts. Grunting, he cupped both, fingering her nipples until they became rock hard.  

After sliding her hand inside his jeans and underwear, she wrapped her fingers around his shaft, squeezing as she purred, “God, I want you.” 

“Be careful what you ask for.” Bending at the knee, he opened his mouth wide, engulfing her aureole, sucking on her tender tissue, his tongue dragging back and forth. 

“Oh!” Tipping her head back, she moaned, her eyelids flitting open and closed. She pumped the base of his cock, moving her hand in a semi-circle.