Our authors love getting reviews, and of course we like it very much when readers review books on Blushing.   But the fact is that more people shop at Amazon – a lot more, and it helps our authors a great deal when readers leave reviews on Amazon.    Some of our books are doing very well on Amazon right now, and reviews definitely help keep our books high in the rankings and in the public eye.  So please – consider leaving a review for one of our top book not only on Blushing but on Amazon as well.    

These authors and books are currently “in the rankings” on Amazon.    (Please note that all the links below will take you to Amazon, but all of these books are available at Blushing Books as well.)

Our currently top ranked book is:

#9 in Westerns – Teaching Miss Maisie Jane by Mariella Starr

#59 in Victorian Romance – Pleasance and the Pirate by April Hill

#60 in Erotica – Match Me If you Dare by Stevie MacFarlane

#64 in Medieval Romance – Educating Eva (Silverlake Priory Book One) by Tabitha Black

#78 in Victorian Romance – Claimed (Women of Wintercrest Book Three) by Maggie Ryan

#81 in Science Fiction /Distopian – Captured and Conquered by Breanna Hayse

#88 in Erotica – Saving Sara by Maren Smith

#90 in Victorian Romance – Surrender Your Grace by Maddie Taylor