Can’t get enough of Suzie and Connor? Check out this bonus scene written by Karen Nappa.

Bonus scene Trusted

Early Sunday morning, Suzie was washing dishes when she felt a tug on her hair. She held still, waiting for his orders. Connor leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Go to the bedroom.”

Suzie glanced over her shoulder and was met with determined eyes the color of a primeval forest. “Yes, Sir,” was her automatic response.

She walked up the stairs and hesitated in the hallway. Connor gripped the back of her neck and steered her towards the bedroom.

She walked in and noticed the bed was unmade. She hadn’t left it like that, had she? The pillows were on top of each other on her side of the bed, the sheets and blankets were all on his side. She stared down.

He sent her up here to make the bed? Really?

Connor walked up behind her and reached under her shirt to cup her breasts from behind. He started to massages the soft globes and toyed with her nipples through the thin material of her bra. She moaned.

Okay, they probably weren’t making the bed.

He pulled her jeans down and tapped the side of her ankle in a silent command to lift her foot. She complied automatically. Her panties disappeared in another swift move. He lifted the hem of her shirt and she helped by pulling her arms and head through the holes. Dressed in only her red lace bra she tried to keep a handle on the urge to fidget. Connor again reached for her breasts and teased the nipples into hard buds but left the thin fabric in place.


He gestured for her to sit on the bed and walked behind her. She desperately wanted to follow his moves, but knew better. She wanted to please him more than she wanted to see what he was doing,.

She heard the closet door open and close. He came back, holding his black leather cuffs. He buckled them around her wrists and tested the fit. Snug, but not too tight.

“On your knees.” He commanded and pointed next to the pillows. She did as she was told and he pushed her upper body over the pillows. Her butt high in the air she balanced on the pillows and he held her back to steady her. Connor produced some red rope and tied her cuffs to the headboard.

Suzie registered the rustling of clothes and felt the bed dip as he climbed on, her senses completely focused on Connor.

He sank into her in one brutal thrust and growled. “Ye’re so fucking wet.”

Trusted by Karen Nappa

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