Wednesday,  June 15th,  2016
I’m so excited to present Pearl’s Possession, a ménage addition to the fantastic Red Petticoat Saloon series.
The first thing you should know is that this book has way, way too much sex in it.
I’m serious. Part of the reason is that I wrote it during my second trimester of pregnancy, when the hormones were just raging.
The other reason is that I wanted to write a ménage romance-one woman, multiple men. Ménage appeals to me-you can take the facets of a perfect man and separate them out. You like blonds? Brunettes? Hard doms and sweet daddies? Someone to whip you and someone to cuddle? You can have it all.
Besides, twice the men means twice the orgasms…
The thing is, I overdid it. Pearl gets possessed (read: taken) by not one, not two, but FIVE men. Individually, in pairs, three at a time-every combination you can think of. Add in spankings, anal play, forced orgasms, servile submission, and rope play…
Did I mention that I was really horny?
I loved writing the very different personalities of Pearl’s five lovers: some sweet, some dominant, all of them hot and totally intent on possessing-and being possessed by-their Pearl. I had so much fun writing them that I finished the book in record time and sent it off to friends for their feedback. Their verdict: the book has way, way too much sex.
But I’ll leave it to you to decide.
Happy Reading!
~ Lee
Pearl’s Possession – Red Petticoats

When Pearl starts working as a gem at The Red Petticoat saloon, she knows she’s found the place where she belongs. After all, her husband cast her out for being too lusty of a wife. She quickly comes to enjoy her clients, especially her five constant regulars, so much so, that when one of her regulars proposes marriage, she declines. How can one man satisfy her?
Things change when all five of her regulars come to her with a marriage proposal – live with them as a bride to five husbands.
Can Pearl face her fear of marriage and allow herself to be claimed by not one man, but five?
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