If a man walked into your life – a handsome man – and offered you a chance to live out your deepest, darkest, unspoken fantasies, would you take it? That’s the dilemma Mary Saunders faces in No Ordinary Affair by Fiona Wilde.

When Ethan Willoughby strolls into the antique shope where Mary works, he shows a keen interest in one particular item – a paddle. As he examines it, the dashing customer wistfully talks of the days when spanking errant pupils – and wives – made society a better place.

Mary is all too glad to see her mysterious customer leave. Their discussion awakens the submissive fantasies she’s held for years – fantasies her husband cannot satisfy. But when Willoughby returns, Mary’s life takes a complicated turn as he propels her into a fantasy world tailor made just for her.

But is getting what we want always the best thing? As Mary discovers the truth about herself – and her new lover – she must make some hard decisions before it’s too late.

This sexy, well-written book is not just hot, it’s thought-provoking. And if you want more then enjoy the free bonus book, Personal Shopper by Sullivan Clarke is offered free as part of this amazing deal.