Travel back in time to hear the girlhood story of GG Devereaux, the grandmother of Shelby.

It is the late sixties in America, and the times are tumultuous, especially for the young people. GG lives in tiny Boone, Indiana, but she has a thirst to see the world and understand all the things that are changing, so she plans to go to California after high school to start her life experiences.

Leo Beauchamp has already been a witness and participant in the craziness of the times. From the first day, when he meets GG at a war protest on a college campus, he is captivated and fascinated by the fiery seventeen-year-old. But GG is on a path to certain danger and heartache. Can Leo win her heart and tame her determination to run off to the promised land of 60s California?

Publisher’s Note: This sweet romance contains a theme of power exchange.


  “I want you to stop this right now. You’re acting like a spoiled child and if you push me just one more inch, you’re not going to like the consequences.”

   GG’s face was fiery. “I’m not a child! I’m ready to be your woman and I can’t believe you’re just pushing me away.” She actually stomped her foot in anger. Then she threw her arms around his waist and pressed her body against him.

   Leo muttered an oath and in one swift motion he was seated on the couch and GG was lying across his lap. He held her firmly as she struggled to get away.

   “Leo! Stop it, what the hell are you doing?”

   “This,” he said grimly and brought his hand down on her bottom with a hard smack.

   GG drew a shocked breath and he smacked her again, harder. As he spanked her, setting her bottom on fire, GG let out a wail. 

   “Leo, stop it, that hurts! Ow, ow!”

   “Good, it’s supposed to hurt.”

   GG was squirming frantically and the harder she struggled, the harder he spanked her. He aimed his smacks at her most tender spot at the top of her thighs and she cried out at the sharp, burning pain each swat brought. When he moved down a little further to the back of her thighs, GG burst into tears. Finally the spanking slowed and, when her struggles stopped, the spanking finally stopped. GG lay across his lap crying with deep sobs. Leo gathered her into his arms and cradled her on his lap, rocking her gently while she cried herself out.

   Finally her tears stopped. “I’m sorry, Leo, you must be so ashamed of me. I acted like a real slut just forcing myself on you like that.”

   Leo tipped her face up to look directly into her eyes. “Stop it. You’re not a slut and I don’t ever want to hear that again. You’re eighteen and your whole life is changing, including your body. I will be so happy when our wedding night comes and we can make love as husband and wife. But we’re not going to do it until then. We’d regret it and our wedding night wouldn’t be the same.”

Author Bio

   Hi! I’m Kat Carrington and I write romance; sweet, spicy romance with happy ever after endings. I’m a grandmother and I’m having the time of my life letting my imagination go and telling the kind of stories that I like to read. And it’s been a wonderful bonus to find out that other people like to read them too.

   I was born and raised in Indiana where I raised my kids and welcomed the most amazing people into my life, my grandchildren. Having grandchildren is my greatest blessing. I’m living now in South Carolina with my always supportive hubby.

   From the time I learned to read, there was always a book in my hands. After I consumed all the fiction in my elementary school library I moved on to biographies, which I found to be endlessly fascinating. Once I retired and we moved south I discovered that I was ready for a new venture. I thought back to when I was in fifth grade and sat for hours at a time at my dad’s big desk writing stories with a pencil on notebook paper. One day I opened my laptop and started a story. 

   That first book took nearly two years to write. I’d write for a while, then forget all about it for a while. Somewhere along the way it changed from a whim to a real story that I had to finish. And that’s when Blushing Books changed my whole life. My book was accepted for publication and was released on May 29, 2019. Boone Beginnings is the fourth book of that series, A Strong Man’s Hand, and in April the first book of a new series is coming. Writing is now part of my life and I hope you all enjoy my stories and the characters I keep falling in love with.