Iver, The Bear King

I am the new king of the Wood Lords but I’ve been taught well by my father. I respect my people and do my best to take care of them all. Our seer has foretold a new destiny for my people and the people of the Willow Kye. Princess Illayda is my fated mate. I’ve watched her from afar for years; she is beautiful and full of fire. I’m happy with this change of events. But will she feel the same?

Princess Illayda

I can’t believe I accidentally crossed the border into the land of the Wood Lords. The Bear King is nothing like the stories that are told, he is so much more. He is brave, handsome and cares for his people well. When he tells me I may not return to my people because I belong to him, he has another think coming. Is escape possible? Or do I want to stay with him?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy sci-fi romance contains elements of fantasy, action, adventure and power exchange intended for mature readers only. 

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Watching his slave pleasure his betrothed made him oddly jealous for the first time. It was a new sensation, since threesomes were usually to his liking. As Lenah’s hands traveled the curves of Illayda’s body, he felt himself aching to go back over each touch as to erase their soft memory.

Tapping Lenah on the bottom in a gentle command to move, the slave instantly climbed to the side, much to Illayda’s disappointment. She was on the brink of orgasmic bliss, and the abandonment of such soft, warm lips pushing her forward fluttered her eyes open to see what had happened. It was then the rippled chest of the King appeared in her still blurred vision. Gulping back the despair of being so close to something that felt so magical had her praying that he would not break the spell.

A soft smile touched his lips, as if he knew the thoughts racing in her mind. With an apologetic look to Lenah, he flicked his eyes for her to leave. Gazing down at the dazzling creature spread before him, he gave thanks to the Gods that Illayda was now his. The alpha male instinct kicked in seeing another between his woman’s legs. The pleasure she was feeling was a gift only he should be able to give and taking her calves into his hands he vowed that this time, with her, things would be different.

Silently, Lenah obeyed. Her eyes were asking a question her mouth wouldn’t dare speak. This was a first, and since Iver and she had shared so much Lenah couldn’t hide the flicker of hurt that sprang to her face.

Replacing his mouth where Lenah’s left, Iver hardened as he tasted Illayda for himself. When his tongue slipped into place, Illayda’s eyes once more rolled back. His lips weren’t as soft as Lenah’s. His chin whiskers gave the weirdest sensations across the softness of her ass cheeks as the prickles on his jaw moved with his tongue, but Illayda arched into him basking in the glory of the returned attention.

About the Author

I grew up in a small town, on a small island where most people know you after you answer their traditional first question, “What’s your father’s name?” 

When I met my husband, I moved to his small town, on the same small island and we started our family. Together, we have brought 4 amazing children into the world, including a set of twins which has been a wild ride. 

Throughout the process we’ve adopted a Pug, English mastiff, 2 guinea pigs and fish. I think my husband is trying to see how many living things we can possibly add to our little family. 

I have a day job, which luckily allows me some freedom for my family. I get to enjoy the best of being a working mom and stay at home. To keep sane I write, cook or paint. I’m a Gemini, so my flightiness and inability to stay focused too long on one thing seems to work in my favor. 

I’ve been writing and planning out stories my entire life. It started as diaries and progressed. Now, I get to share them which has been such a dream come true!

I hope you can disappear into the pages of my books and escape your life for a while. That is the beauty of books, and as an author my greatest joy is taking you on that journey. 

Let me tell you a story! 

Love, Mira