Bound by Two (Virginia Bluebloods Book 5)
by BJ Wane

After overhearing her husband and doctor plotting against her, Danielle Morrison flees her home in West Virginia. A few weeks later, after finding a place to lay low for a while in Richmond, she ends up stranded in an unfamiliar parking lot one night. Two caring, protective and dominant men come to her rescue, then offer her a glimpse into a lifestyle she never imagined would be for her. Soon she can’t resist either man or the sexual exploration they offer her, but will her secrets jeopardize her new relationships as well as her freedom?
Dale Evans and Eli Jackson have been best friends since serving in the military together after discovering they both had a penchant for BDSM and a love of ménage in common. Neither can resist the pull of Dani’s vulnerability, fear and open curiosity about their lifestyle, but their efforts to learn more about her over the next weeks are met with unbending resistance. After learning part of what she was keeping from them, they back away from her in anger and disappointment, only to return too late. Will their mistake cost Dani everything, or will they come to her rescue in time to save her from her husband’s threats?
DISCLAIMER: This book contains the spanking of adult women, elements of BDSM, power exchange, and explicit sexual scenes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.
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The Santa Wrangler by Megan McCoy

Losing your job at Christmas sucks. Heather Ryan knows this. Luckily she got an interview that seemed wonderful for a detail oriented, multi-tasker. She didn’t realize that she’d be interviewing with her college roommate’s brother, Ben Thompson, that he actually owned ten stores or that he needed a Santa wrangler. Ben needed someone to coordinate twenty Santas, over 30 days in ten stores. That included elves and photographers and Mrs. Clauses and two nights of pet pictures. While she wasn’t quite sure he wasn’t giving her a pity job, because he knew her back when; she did know that she’d been infatuated with him since she was in college. He’d caught her doing what kids do at parties and blistered her bottom. Why that made her want him, she didn’t know. But no man she dated after had remotely interested her as much as he did. Would he do it again, and how could she find out and still keep this job? Could she convince Ben she was all grown up and ready for real love? Or would the Santas make her so crazed, it just wouldn’t matter?

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A Very Jackson Christmas by Delia Grace

The Jacksons are a fun loving crazy family who attack everything in life with zeal and spunk. And Christmas is no exception! Have you every wondered what it would look like to have generations of domestic discipline couples under one roof? Well, wonder no further! The Jackson men and their spitfire wives will keep you entertained and warm your hearts as they warm their bottoms.

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