“When I wish upon a star…” Jessie pleads with desperation.

With two violent, angry men in hot pursuit of her and her three best friends, the childhood plea changes her life forever. The women are saved by space males on a cosmic mission to study human female sexuality. Jessie is selected by The Voice. His body might be invisible, but his powerful touch is very real indeed. Under his commanding care, The Voice teaches Jessie what is really necessary to survive in this world, or out of it. Sometimes submitting is the most powerful choice a woman can make.

Publisher’s Note: This sci-fi thriller contains graphic scenes and a theme of power exchange.

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The voice was firm. “Robotella 712, make sure you note that humans use humor when they are under stress. It alleviates their fear.”

“Yes, Master. It is recorded.”

“What is going on?” Jessie asked. “And please, can I be covered while we talk. I’m cold.”

“The subject is lying,” Robotella 712 chirped.

It happened so fast, Jessie didn’t know it was coming. She was flipped on her stomach and the voice began to administer punishment on her naked bottom. He was actually spanking her!

Jessie’s eyes filled with tears of humiliation. It hurt, but not as much as knowing the Observer and the robot were watching.

“Are you sorry? You can’t lie to me, Jessie.'”

When she didn’t answer, the little slaps started again. Slap. Slap. Slap.

“Please. I’m sorry.”

“She’s not sorry. She—”

“Oh, shut up, Robotella.” No one expected this outburst from Jessie.

There was a long silence.

“Flip her over.” The voice was brusque. “I’m sorry, Jessie, but it is necessary for me to exert my authority.”

In an instant, she was on her back, her cheeks blazing red. The Observer was staring at her intently, his features expressionless. What could he possibly be thinking? Jessie wondered.

“Cover her up,” the voice told the robot.

Robotella 712 rushed to obey.