Equality when acceptable, dominance when necessary

Empath Amara, beaten and nearly forced to become a reproductive machine for rich men, escapes with the help of her cousins. She runs far away, hoping to find freedom for herself and ultimately for all women. The world she finds herself in holds the key she is seeking, but it’s more complicated than the one she left, and equally as dangerous.

When she is captured again, three powerful men rescue her, agreeing to help Amara on her quest, knowing they could lose her forever. But when she becomes a target, their focus changes to keeping their woman safe – by any means necessary.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy sci-fi reverse harem romance contains elements of power exchange. It can be read and enjoyed as a standalone.


Equality when acceptable, dominance when necessary

Empath Amara Finau narrowly escapes a death sentence when she refused to consent to becoming a reproductive machine for rich men. Traversing through the cavernous darkness in a desperate attempt at escape, Amara was determined to change the status of women in her male dominated world. Soon finds herself in a time that is similar and yet vastly different than her own, surrounded my more controlling men. In her confusion, she is captured again only this time, her protectors are three handsome men who have walked out of her dreams, literally. They offer to help with her quest but have some stipulations of their own.

As the world recovers from the ravages of war, Ethan, Wilder and Finn, members of the secret Ambrose Society, work hard to protect abused women. They discover Amara in their woman and children’s shelter, but she is different, special. Amara ignores her own needs to help the residents, and she possesses uncanny instincts about the vulnerabilities of others. The perfect woman for them. These men are used to getting what they want, and they want Amara.

When it is obvious Amara’s life is in danger, the dominant men’s protective instincts kick in high gear. What they discover as they try to change the ills of the future by reengineering the past could create a consequence no one is willing to pay. Morally and ethically, they have no choice, but their greatest fear is that by altering the present to save the women in the future, they will lose the only woman that captures their desires as much as they capture hers.