Today, she will meet her destiny.

While attempting to escape a skinwalker bent on possessing her against her will, Maya runs into a forbidden cave. Instead of succumbing to her doom, she confronts her attacker and finds herself in a world so alien and dangerous, she prepares for a fate worse than death.

Crazed with fear, Maya fights unsuccessfully for her freedom until three powerful men rescue her from the cruel captors. Relieved, she soon discovers these men have their own expectations and methods to achieve the obedience they demand. She is now a captive of another kind, and at their insistence, she must complete her training as they claim her mind, body, heart, and soul.

Internationally renowned scientists Sterling, Paxton, and Zander can’t believe the terrified, uncontrollable woman is the one from Sterling’s dreams. Finding themselves irresistibly drawn to her, and against all recommendations, they quickly take possession of Maya. But danger lurks in many forms…

Publisher’s Note: This steamy reverse harem sci-fi romance contains elements of power exchange and ménage scenes.




She wasn’t fighting them, she was fighting coming apart. Maya was not allowed to orgasm with Paxton at will, like she was with the other two men. She needed his permission.

“Not yet, Maya. I will scorch your ass if you come before you have permission.”

She nearly came at his threat. The evil man knew it, too. He lined his cock to her brown entrance and pushed with firm, steady pressure. It wasn’t her first breeching as Paxton had worked with her once a day for a week before taking her every day for the next three days. She knew how to relax and allow him in, but it still ached and there was a twinge of pain.

“Let go Maya.” The head of his cock breached her entrance smoothly. He stopped to give her a chance to adjust.

“Please can I come?”

For his answer, he leaned down and slid his hand under her hair and closed into a fist, tight to her scalp. She knew he didn’t want to pull her hair out, just give her a little tingle. He moved in and out slowly.

“Please, let me come.”

“What do I want to hear?”

Her moans sounded like muffled cries. “I’m yours to punish, yours to love, yours to claim.”

“Shall I claim you now?”


“Then come, baby. Come hard for me.”

He yanked her hair and pounded into her ass. Her cries of pain-laced pleasure overtook them all and she stiffened, squeezing his cock hard, as though she would strangle him and then he was shooting his seed deep into the recesses of her core. The burn was overwhelming, her muscle spasms painful and his release seemed as unending as hers.

Both spent, he withdrew from her used backside and joined the other two in kissing and caressing her sweetly. He kissed her bottom and soothed the red rear he’d given her. Satiated, Maya lay just off the center of the mattresses.

“I love you, Paxton. I love you, Zander. I love you, Sterling.” The men tucked themselves around her. They each found a spot and slept touching her, holding her, protecting her. A cocoon. She slept.


Tasha Winters

Tasha Winters lives in the Piney Woods of Texas with her husband and daughter. She’s a homeschooling mom, a clinical social worker, the wife of a retired veteran and a voracious reader. In her youth, she was a great activist for just about any cause that made sense to her. There is no limit to the material from which to create.

Today, while still wearing all those hats and more, she writes love stories that bring capable, sassy, gifted women together with intelligent men sporting a few rough edges that excite the women they claim as their own. Romantic Science Fiction is new for Tasha. The experience is a complete surprise to her. She hopes you enjoy them as much as she did writing them.


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