Today I have with me Lucinda Harris, the lead female character in my new story Art Forms. Thank you for joining me today Cindy.

LH It’s my pleasure, Carl, and thank you for once again calling me out from that strange little corner of your imagination.

CH Cindy, why don’t you tell our readers a little bit about Art Forms.

LH Without giving away too much of the storyline, the basic plot involves my character who is an artist. She and her husband Michael discover that they would like their love life to be a little kinkier, but she finds that she is still a little shy about making her desires plainly known. So she begins to do paintings to illustrate what she would like to see happen in bed. That is when the fun begins.

CH Of course, not everything goes as expected, now does it?

LH (laughing) To say the least, one must be careful what one wishes for. But before I forget, Carl, thanks for conjuring up a husband with Michael’s particular… let’s say, talents.

CH I thought it was the least that I could do, considering that I wrote one particularly… extensive punishment session into the script.

LH Come to think of it, Carl, one day back in that special, mischievous corner of your mind, I was talking to Elizabeth from Taming and Tanning Libby and Bridget from The Inheritance. We came to the conclusion that those of us who are redheads seem to get paddled harder and more often. What about that?

CH Hmmm…… I’ll ask the questions, if you don’t mind, Cindy.

LH I told them you wouldn’t answer that question.

CH I think that’s about enough out of you.

LH What are you going to do, spank me? Add another chapter?

CH Let’s get back to talking about Art Forms. In the story, you prove to be a real risk taker. I got the impression that you really relished being given that personality type. However, did that not get you into some trouble?

LH Look, Carl… I still haven’t gotten over being mad at, but well, I’ll let the readers find out.

CH But as I was writing the story, it seemed to me that you couldn’t quite get all of your impulses under control, and that’s why you ended up getting that very…

LH Goodbye, Carl. I’m going back in your brain now. So you’d better go find some aspirin, because in about five minutes you’re going to have a very bad headache.

CH Goodbye, Cindy, and thanks for talking with me… I think. And thanks for being your sexy self in Art Forms.

Watch for Art Forms April 28th

ArtForms_bigNewly married Lucinda Harris is a promising
Atlanta artist. In the course of a passionate
bedtime romp with husband Michael, she finds
that their exploration of physical delights has
combined with her previously unacknowledged
yearning for her romantic pleasure to include
having her bottom warmed.
Lucinda’s erotic paintings become her way of
conveying her spanking fantasies to her husband,
and life comes to imitate art in their cozy
suburban love nest. But her erotic art also
becomes popular with the public, and when she
fails to deal with criticism in a mature manner,
she has to acknowledge that she needs Michael’s
firm hand to keep her career on an even keel.