I don’t think I’ve ever read a book where I wasn’t sure that I knew what everyone looked like. I think after being a writer, the career I’d like best would be that of  casting director, because to be honest the ones doing it now often get it wrong! Take Christian Gray for example.
Of course the books I’m most anxious to cast would be my Cassie books. I’ve know what Cassie and her friends looked like for a long time and I had great fun digging through pictures so I could share my cast with everyone.
But I do have one casting problem – I can’t seem to cast Cassie’s wonderful husband Tom. I know how he looks in my head and there are a few actors who come close in my mind, but I just can’t decide on the right one. Maybe you could help? If you’ve read Cassie and have an idea for Tom in your head, share your idea with me.  If you need to know more, please read the newest Cassie book, Cassie’s Influence.
As for the rest, what do you think of my cast?
The cast:
 sue 2
Sue – Meryl Streep
Steve 1Steve –  Gene Hackman
Annie – Jamie Lee Crutis
Andy 3Andy – Will Ferrell
Allie - Victoria Justice 2
Allie – Victoria Justice
Ryan G.
Ryan – Ryan Guzman
Cassie – Ellen Burstyn
Tom –

The Mysterious Tom. Who would you cast as Tom?

tom _