Charity and Chase are a young married couple who run a successful cheerleading gym. Free-spirited Charity has found security in Chase’s strict boundaries, but a new arrival to the gym has her feeling insecure.

Will this young, undisciplined arrival be a threat to the couple’s bond? Or will Charity, looking back on how their relationship was built, realize that she is the only one Chase wants to discipline and love?

Publisher’s Note: This sweet contemporary romance contains a theme of power exchange.

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He tugged her wrist, and she plopped across his rock-solid thighs. He popped one leg up to tilt her bottom skyward. Then he pulled down her shorts in one motion, leaving her in green bikini panties that didn’t cover much.

He gave her a moment to contemplate her predicament. He knew that it embarrassed her to be turned over his lap for a spanking. It didn’t matter how many times it had happened in the past. He wanted to make sure she was feeling it.

He slammed a hard palm into her backside, increasing the force slightly just before his hand landed low in the middle of her cheeks. She jumped and squeaked. He wasn’t starting easy at all. He intended for her to experience his frustration.

The next spank was just as hard as the first and in the same spot. She wailed, “Chase! Not so hard!”

He answered with five hard spanks that shook her whole body. “You will start thinking about your tone before you speak to me, Charity Leigh Connors. You will show me respect as your coach and your husband.”

The onslaught was so quick that Charity was left gasping. Chase stopped and rubbed her bottom to allow her to catch her breath.

Hot tears stung Charity’s eyes. “I’m sorry,” she said, when she could speak.

“I know you’re sorry right now, baby,” Chase said. “Little girls are always sorry when they’re having their bottoms set on fire. But I need you to be sorry enough to remember this when you’re feeling sassy again.”

She whimpered when the slaps started again, falling like fireworks on her panties and the skin surrounding them. Each slap was sharp, like a sting from a giant wasp, and then faded into a prickly heat that consistently intensified. She wiggled at the waist, but she got almost nowhere. Chase had never had any problem holding her exactly where he wanted her to be.

Charity was crying in earnest by the time he pulled down her panties.

She knew that spanks on a bare bottom wouldn’t hurt that much more than those on her thin panties had, but it still filled her with horror and anxiety when Chase took her panties down. It signaled to her that he was feeling like he had an important job to complete and that he was going to finish it no matter how she protested. She was going to be spanked until Chase was sure she had learned a lesson, and there was nothing she could do about it.

She steeled herself against the thunder of his falling hand, but she still wasn’t prepared for the burst of pain. She was crying hard, heavy tears, both from the physical pain in her bottom and from the emotional impact his discipline had on her. She knew she often acted like a bratty child, and she had no idea why. She thought sometimes it was because she knew she needed his firm boundaries, and the only way to feel those walls was to attempt to walk right through them once in a while.

She felt like her face was a sopping washcloth after a shower when he finally stopped spanking her. She could feel the heat coming off her bottom, and she knew that her normally pale skin was bright red.

He took her gently by the shoulders and pulled her up. Then he sat her down on his lap. She winced as her still bare bottom made contact with his thigh. He pulled her into a hug, and she snuggled against him and buried her face in his neck. He soothed her as she cried a little longer.

After several minutes, Chase’s hand trailed down to cup her exposed bottom. His fingers felt cool as he rubbed his hand against her punished skin.

“You like spanking me,” she accused with a sniff.

“I would be lying if I said I didn’t,” he told her. “I don’t like hurting you, but I do like seeing that bouncing bottom turn red. And I like the way your behavior changes when it’s over.”

She considered this and decided she could live with it. “So, if I was good all the time, you’d be really unhappy.”

He laughed. “If you were good all the time, you wouldn’t be my Charity.”