Am I brave enough to go after what I want? 

I’ve always felt something was missing from my life. I’m an accomplished attorney but I want more. I need to explore my desires. After working up the courage to visit a local club, I run into my friend’s relatives, twin brothers, who offer exactly what I’m looking for. Can they give me what I need? 

This is book three in the Jackson Tribe Series but reads as a standalone. 

Publisher’s Note: This steamy romance is intended for adults only. It contains elements of power exchange and sensual scenes.  




Ashley tried to swallow. Her mouth was suddenly devoid of any liquid. She filled up a glass with water and gulped it down. 

“Let’s say that I consent to letting you guys spank me…” The thought of the two brothers spanking her at the same time was almost more than her fantasy loving heart could stand. “What if it’s too much. I want a safeword.” 

“Of course,” Benjamin acquiesced. “What would you like it to be?” 

“Carrot cake!” Ashley practically shouted before the words had even fully left his mouth. 

They looked at her amused. “Carrot cake, huh? That’s a new one.” 

“It’s the word I picked when I was in college. I hate the stuff and would never utter the words otherwise.” 

They chuckled. “Fair enough. All right, so carrot cake for stop. What if you just need us to pause or answer a question?” 

Ashley thought for a minute and then grinned. “Bernie! She got me into this mess, so she can take the blame for part of it.” 

Benjamin shook his head with a mildly amused look, while Joseph outright laughed. “Sounds good. Now, you inferred at the club that you have not been spanked as an adult, correct?” 

She nodded nervously. 

“Do you have any implement limits that we need to know about?” 

She shook it slowly. “Can I add stuff later after we have tried things.”  

They nodded. 

“Okay. Then, I’m ready. Where do you want me?” 

They led her to the dining room table. A smooth cherry wood, with a lazy Susan in the middle with salt, pepper, and condiments. Benjamin removed the centerpiece, and Joseph helped her up onto the table. Laying her on her tummy and reaching in their bags, they pulled out soft rope and tied her wrists and ankles to the legs of the table. She felt completely vulnerable splayed across the middle of the table. Once she was tightly bound, unable to move even an inch Joseph snapped her thong with a wicked grin. “Whoops. Forgot to remove these, so I guess they are gonna have to go the way of the knife.” He pulled a pocket knife out of his jeans and glanced at her to gauge her reaction. She nodded as if to say, “Whatever you want.” He sliced the edges and tossed the now destroyed thong on the floor. Exhilaration and fear filled Ashley’s veins with ice.  

The men stood on either side of the table, and each rested a hand on one of her buttocks saying out loud, “Mine.”  

Without warning, they smacked their now claimed halves in harmony. Ashley breathed in heavily, but it was more the startling action than pain. The brothers continued smacking in complete unison for several seconds without saying a word. Ashley tried to squirm as it began to sting, but she was completely immobile in her bindings.