Amos is a player – the only consistent female in his life is his bull mastiff puppy – or he was, until his mother confessed that she was ashamed of his reputation.

Evelyn has had a crush on Amos since she first met him. But his Casanova ways have only added to her natural shyness, preventing her from ever being brave enough to make a move.

When fate throws them together in a locked room, sparks fly. But is their connection strong enough to get them through, and outside that locked door?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary romance contains elements of light power exchange. Though it is the fourth in the Shepherd’s Creek series, it can be enjoyed independently.

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“Are you ready?” Amos asked.

Yes,” Ev said, so goddamn close to begging for whatever he was about to give her.

And then his hand was coming down on her bare backside.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The pain didn’t hit at first, not until after the noise had registered, and even then, it was mostly a heat sparking across the exposed surface of her backside. His hand didn’t even pause, coming down on her skin over and over as a long cry drew out of her throat, punctuated by his blows. The muscles of her ass and thighs clenched over and over under the onslaught, the cry breaking off and restarting once, then again. It wasn’t painful, exactly, as much as it was perfect, the heat the perfect counterpoint to the way she could feel Amos’ gaze tracing over her most secret places. With a noise that mirrored the one that was being dragged free from her own chest, she felt, more than saw, him pitch forward and seal his mouth over her most intimate location.

His hands cupped and squeezed her reddened cheeks as his mouth found the place, her most private lips, and she couldn’t control the noises that were rolling free of her chest, cries of Amos’ name scattered amongst calls to any deity who would listen. His mouth was a revelation, claiming this most intimate part of her, his lips and tongue meeting the places she was most sensitive and seeming to chart out exactly how she’d never realised she needed to be touched. If she’d known, all those years when she was lying beside Chris in their sexless bed, that this was what it would be like… she would have thrown her virginity out the window the minute she met him.

But maybe it wouldn’t have been the same with just anyone. Maybe she needed to wait for this exact moment, with this exact man, to know she was getting it exactly right, to feel the glowing handprints of his strikes peppering the skin of her bottom as his fingers slid between her lips to push inside her. She had to stop herself from rocketing straight upright at the sensation, but she couldn’t tamp down on the cry of his name. “Amos!”