Destitute after her father’s death, Caroline Douglas finds herself in a bind when the sleazy, rich business owner wants her father’s debt in full. He won’t take ‘no’ or ‘I owe you’ for an answer. She finds herself dragged to the Harlot and the Hero, forced to work off her payment. When she thinks things can’t get worse, they do. To save her reputation, she finds herself saying ‘I do’ to a sexy, overbearing cowboy. Tired of following the rules of men, Caroline decides to push back. Especially against her sexy, all-consuming husband who’s too quick with his discipline techniques.

Garrett Rand, a dairy farm owner, and brother to the local sheriff, has spent the last six months requesting the hand of one ‘crofters’ daughter. Blocked at every turn, he starts to give up on ever having her, only to discover she’s in the brothel on the outskirts of Grover Town. Willing to stop at nothing to finally claim the beauty as his wife, in his bed, he makes a deal to get her out of the clutches of one of the richest men in town. However, marrying her is one thing; keeping Caroline out of trouble is another. He’ll just have to keep her over his knee until she learns. When danger strikes the area and threatens the safety of his wife, he will do what’s needed to protect her.

Book six of the Grover Town Discipline series, this story can be enjoyed as a standalone.

Publisher’s Note: This historical western romance contains steamy sexual scenes, a murder mystery, and a theme of power exchange.

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He felt the beating of her heart against his chest as the agony of her words told him she meant it, but it wasn’t enough. Stepping back and to the side, with one hand on her waist and the other at his side, he said, “Angle your ass back toward me.” Once she did it, her thighs wide and ass upturned, she was an enthralling view. Again, he had to grip his lust tightly to keep from undoing his britches and sliding his hard cock into her tight channel.

“Count them out, wife,” he rasped.

She gasped as the first one landed. “One.”

Then, the next one, on the center of the other cheek.

“Two.” Her voice became calmer as she adjusted to each swat.

By the time he got to the fourth one, her voice was even and barely a vibrato. It didn’t worry him, because he knew he was using the first ten just to prepare the virgin skin right. He made sure he landed hits all around her backside, from the swell to sit spot. His wife had never been spanked by him, and not by her pa as she’d confessed. He didn’t want to injure her tender cheeks by starting in hard.

“Ten,” she said, her tone matter of fact as she held her head raised and stared at the wall.

There was barely a blush to her ass. In less than an hour, that color would be gone if he stopped here. He pulled his hand back farther and let the next one sail. At impact, he felt the sting in his palm and the bounce and jiggle of her lush, round bottom.


“Ow!” She arched forward, into the empty space of the hearth.

And another one went.


“Garrett! Ow…no. That hurt.” She danced to the right, pulling at her bindings as she tried to shy away.

“That’s the point. Resume your position.” He waited for her to shuffle back into place. “Now count, bunny.”


“Oh, no.” He chuckled. “You missed countin’ one, so that is just eleven.”

She whimpered. “Eleven.”

As he set off a volley of strikes, five directly in the same spot at the center of her right ass cheeks, then five on the same place of the other. He admired the hue of her ass; it showed two bright pink spots that rivaled the color of her dress.

“Twenty-one!” She was crying now, her voice wavered with emotions. Still, she held her position. “Plea-s-se…stop.”

“Oh, love, we aren’t even halfway through.” The next four went to the sides of her right cheek, where the flesh was more firm. He landed the swats harder.

“Twenty-five. Noo…nooo…I can’t.” She clenched her cheeks and wailed.

“You can.” He angled his body and took care of the other side’s cheek. “You’re my wife. I’ll be obeyed.” Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

“Twenty-nine. Yes. Yes. All right…I’ll be good. It hurts! Stop!”

He ignored her cries as he bit out, “You’ll never call yourself a whore again.”

He had to ensure that this lesson stuck. Earlier, his heart sank deep and his gut had curled in with fear when he discovered she had not only left the shop but town and was off alone. With death happening all around them and cattle wranglers caught over the winter who had threatened his foreman’s wife, he dreaded the things that could have happened to Caroline. His older brother worked hard to keep Grover Town safe, but things still went on that even the badge couldn’t stop.