A Baby for the Lumberjacks by Chloe Kent

Coming to Blushing Books November 3rd, 2017.


Sold to the lumberjacks…

When her father makes one bad deal to get out of another, the end result is selling his daughter to a lumberjack to have his baby. But twenty-one-year old Saffron Sinclair feels she has no choice but to take the place of her beautiful and timid sister and present herself to the lumberjack instead. Her hope is that he’ll find her undesirable on sight with her tattoos and red streaks in her black hair and send her back home. She’d cite the no refund clause and everything would be fine.

But, when Saffron arrives at the mansion in the forest, she discovers there’s not only one but three dangerously gorgeous lumberjacks and they’ll all be sharing her. Worse, they have no plans to return her and walking away means giving them their money back.

Prepared to see this through for the sake of her family, Saffron stays and is determined to remain unscathed. Except their shameless medical examinations, and their bold and intimate spankings shatter her boundaries leaving her curiously aroused and desperately craving more.

She soon loses her heart to each of them, but when she is kidnapped, will the lumberjacks be saving her or the baby they paid her to have?

Publishers note: This unconventional love story depicts consensual, erotic scenes of a polyamorous relationship.




“Onto your back, please, Saffron.”

Would the humiliation never end? When she was on her knees, she had managed to keep her thighs tightly closed, to conceal her wetness. On her back, with her legs spread wide— because if she knew them, that’s exactly how they would want her—how could she hide her arousal. There existed practically no hope for her.

She turned around onto her back as Caleb and Carter sanitized their hands and Jack pulled on a new pair of gloves. Her legs dangled over the bottom. They would now see everything. Jack pulled a chair closer to her and raised one leg until she bent it at the knee and it rested on the bar. She closed her eyes. He had a perfect view of her vagina now. While he did the same to the other leg, Carter and Caleb restrained her arms to the chair. She was completely spread and bared and strapped down with no escape in sight.

“Fuck, she’s glistening.” Caleb whistled.

Carter drew his fingers down her slit. She shuddered. Her back arched at the contact. She groaned out loud as he dipped between her folds right into the copious wetness in her center.

“Look at this,” he said. She opened her eyes only to catch a glimpse of Carter’s hand in the air, her wetness dripping from his fingertips before she shut her eyes again. Was it even possible to be that wet? Was that normal?

“Good healthy self-lubrication,” Jack murmured as he next inserted two fingers inside her with his gloved hand. He went deeper, stroking her insides and yet she knew he was examining her. Maybe that’s what turned her on so much. She was being sexually examined by three hunks and only one of them was a real doctor. And he didn’t even like her.