Available April 7th

With her sultry brown eyes and winsome beauty, Alana Ingen looks every bit the innocent maiden, but Jacques Legrand knows that hidden beneath is a precocious wench in need of taming.

Alana’s mischievous nature means she finds herself in trouble with the powerful Norman knight more often than not and, despite her cunning ways, realizes he is not a man to be toyed with.

Dominant by nature, Jacques uses his own method to tame the rebellious firebrand. With her Uncle, King Donald III, on the Scottish throne, Alana is vulnerable to those who wish to depose him. Jacques would keep her safe, but Alana’s reckless nature soon means she finds herself in the path of danger.

Will the two realize they are meant for each other, or will the enemy deprive them of a future forever?

Publisher’s Note: This historical romance contains graphic scenes as well as elements of domestic discipline.