She needs to learn a lesson and he’s going to teach it to her.

Four full-length romances in this collection featuring Sebastian, Hank, Logan and Ronnie, and Logan’s Contract.

I just recently moved to town for my job. I’ve barely moved in, haven’t even unpacked all my boxes, when a ball comes crashing through my back window. The most adorable brunette ball player with the longest tanned legs I’ve ever seen, who just happens to be my next-door neighbor, comes over to confess. One thing leads to another and soon Maggie is a fixture in my life – and over my lap. How the hell did that happen? 

She’s gorgeous and clever and from the minute she walks into my office, I’m intrigued. But sabotaging my company? Lying and cheating does not go with that angel face. Someone needs to teach her a lesson. It might as well be me. 

Logan and Ronnie:

When her father dies and leaves her his chain of high-end shoe stores, she’s overwhelmed. She has no business training or knowledge, and no idea how to run her company. Hiring Logan Jones and his management company seems like a smart choice and will hopefully take the pressure off her… 
…until he makes her actually work and learn her business, takes her over his knee for wrong doings, and keeps saying ‘you should have read the contract’. Yeah, too late now. Nonetheless, sparks ignite and chemistry grows between them.

Logan’s Contract: Logan Jones knew that Ronnie was going to be a handful, but he had no idea what kind of bridezilla she would be. If she isn’t micromanaging, she’s neglecting the wedding completely. What’s going on with her? He’s determined to find out. 

Available August 28th