Back In Charge by Dinah McLeod coming January 30th

BackInCharge_500x755Sadie wonders exactly when her perfect life changed into chaos. She’s just had a baby and everything feels out of whack. Her sanity, her life as a mother, and most importantly, her marriage.

When she meets Lexi at a local MOMs event, the two instantly click. It is wonderful to be able to talk with another adult who understands the whirlwind of playing many roles. As their friendship grows, Sadie shares her concern that her husband is hiding something. With Lexi’s advice and encouragement, Sadie knows she has to do something. Fearing what she’ll find, she plays detective and what she discovers has her world tipping even further off-balance.

Robert knows that his wife has not been herself. When her behavior spirals out of control, he believes there is but one solution. He needs to remind her of exactly how much he loves her. He knows that they were happiest when they practiced domestic discipline and begins to attempt to get their marriage back on track. They need to make a change and he believes ‘boot camp’ will do them both a world of good. The question is, can he get Sadie to give him her consent all over again? Will she agree that what she desperately n