The cruel Marquess of Catherwood is finally dead, and Reade has inherited both the title and the vast estate, but all is not well. His angry half-brothers are lashing out, putting both Reade and Jenny in danger. 

Jenny has lots of plans—learn to ride her horse, drive on the ‘wrong side’, and best of all, plan a wedding, but Reade insists on first guaranteeing her safety. Jenny hates being told no, so he has his work cut out for him.

How can he rid his beloved Catherwood of his father’s decadent legacy, including his two half-brothers who shared their father’s depravity?

Is Reade’s discipline enough to keep Jenny safe?

This is book three in the Catherwood series but can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary romance contains elements of mystery, suspense, power exchange, and adult themes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

Available March 19th