Available April 27th

Grace is far too young for the awesome responsibility of caring for her sisters and brother. But, upon the death of her parents, that is what her life becomes. A small allowance, doled out by her cousin, Cecil, is just enough to keep starvation at bay. All too soon, however, it is no longer enough. Grace must find other means of keeping their tummies full and their home in good condition.

Lord Somerset – Aiden – returns to town. Grace’s childhood friend, and crush, hears of her financial woes and makes her a most surprising offer. The opportunity promises to relieve her financial burden. Yet his proposal presents another problem.

Will Grace be able to do what she must to save her family from ruin? Will Lord Somerset prove to be trustworthy? How will this business arrangement affect not just Grace’s life, but Aiden’s?

Publisher’s note: This steamy historical romance contains elements of power exchange.