Available May 18th

Chloe Cates has spent the last year of her life falling deeper in love each day with a man she knows perished with the Charlotte when it sank off the coast of the Carolinas. Try as she might, she cannot get him out of her mind; his voice, his face, as well as his bravery and courage, are with her continuously.
That man has been back in England for a year now, and he has thought of her and written about her in the journal he keeps locked in his desk. His vision of her has not dimmed; it grows stronger with each passing day. He came home to England to find his family holding his funeral, and decided he would stay the person he became that day – the Ghost.

Ghost realizes, however, that he can no longer stay in the shadows when he overhears a plot to kidnap and kill darling little Chloe. And, suddenly, there is no choice.

He must kidnap her himself.

Publisher’s Note: This historical romance contains graphic action scenes, as well as power exchange as Ghost attempts to protect his Chloe. If this is offensive to you, please do not read it.