Available July 2nd

The Calloway family and the Rudolph family are finally going to be united officially, with the marriage of Clint Calloway and Holly Rudolph. Things never seem to go as planned when they gather at the Holiday House, though, and it’s no different this time.

The week they spend at the vacation home before the wedding is anything but routine, and includes one big surprise no one saw coming. The wedding itself is much the same – fantastic, but certainly not your normal, predictable wedding…

Follow the Calloways and the Rudolphs through two more holidays, the Fourth of July and Labor Day, with more unexpected twists and turns, capped off with not one, but two weddings.

Convincing Sarah is the third book in the Holiday House series, but can easily be read as a stand alone book.

Publisher’s Note: This sweet contemporary romance contains elements of domestic discipline.