Amber Nelson has just come through a horrific experience and a divorce at the same time. The abusive marriage she suffered through has left her wounded and afraid, but now there’s a spark of hope there, too.

She hasn’t been able to forget the dominant S.A. Michael Alex Braden, the FBI agent who saved her life and sent her to safety during the last case. His last phrase to her as he raised the white sheet and whispered, “Be safe, little one,” has stayed with her.

But now, things have begun happening again, and no one, including Alex, knows where they’re originating. As Amber and Alex begin to have a relationship that flourishes, can he figure out if the danger is coming from the woman in seclusion in the insane asylum or the gang in the neighborhood she was forced to rent in because she couldn’t afford anything else?

Publisher’s Note: This action filled, romantic suspense story contains a theme of power exchange.

Available December 17th