Available May 26th

Emily is a full time government translator and part time erotic romance author, writing under a couple of aliases. Once, on a sad, depressing day, she penned her favorite fantasies. Her best friend and publisher, Grace, discovered the manuscript and put into paperback, publishing it under her best friend’s real name. Emily found it amusing – until the onslaught of suitors. She immediately pulled all the copies from the store shelves. Or so she thought.

Connor hasn’t participated in his favorite pastime – women – since a nasty break up two years ago. Needing some semblance of release, he stops at the local bookstore for a magazine on his way home from work. Browsing the back shelves, he comes across a small paperback tucked between some literature. Fascinated, he reads the prologue and then reads it again. Something he hasn’t felt in two years creeps down his spine: interest, visions, excitement. Without further ado, he purchases the book and heads home to devour it.

When he shows up at a writer’s conference and the two meet, will he be the man destined to fulfil Emily’s Fantasies?

Publisher’s Note: This sensual romance contains elements of power exchange.