Forever Daddy by Shanna Handel

Available from Blushing Books November 2, 2017



My ranch, my rules.

Carrie has found herself my knee yet again. It turns out that spending Christmas with your ex- lover can be a bit turbulent.  But what kind of daddy would I be if I let my little girl’s naughtiness go unpunished?

Bringing Jessica and Garrett back to the ranch for the holidays was a terrible idea. But it turns out that was just the beginning of the storm. Things only got worse, tragic in fact. Then, the tide turned and beauty rose from the ashes.

All I can do is hold on tight to my little girl, and try to be the best damn daddy, son, and friend that I can be. But will it be enough?

Forever Daddy is the fast-paced sequel to Daddy Mine, which ranked in the top 50 for Amazon Westerns. Shanna Handel takes you on yet another emotional roller coaster. There will be a happily ever after for everyone, but you must complete the ride. Themes of domestic discipline, and the loving care of a Daddy Dom are crucial to this storyline. Please do not purchase if you find this type of love offensive.

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