Available June 27th

She craved his dominance – needed it, even – to calm the storm and uncertainty that dwelled inside her. He made her feel safe.

Kellina Crawford doesn’t need a guardian; she certainly does not want one, but when her husband, the viscount, suddenly dies, she is thrust into the hands of a controlling stranger, Hamish MacDonald.

Working as a spy for a secret organization, Kellina wants nothing more than Scotland’s freedom – as well as her own. However, her new guardian has other ideas and insists on her complete obedience.

Hamish MacDonald knew he had his hands full when he was asked to care for and protect the spoiled Kellina. The lass knew no boundaries. What she needed was a papa to care for her and show her the pleasure of submission. But Kellina has a secret she is keeping from him. Thrown together by the statutes of society, he will need to bring her to her knees and break the very rules she lives by to keep her safe.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy historical romance contains elements of power exchange.