Available July 13th

The Duchess of Melbourne, known to her friends as Clarissa, has lived all her life in Bath. She lives in seclusion because her husband, Taylor, openly lives in London with his mistress, Lady Strauss.

But when he dies Clarissa finds out many things, like the fact that Taylor gave his mistress many of Clarissa’s family heirlooms as gifts. In an effort to steal them back, she attends a house party, where she meets Andrew, Lord Beaton, who is very impressed with the young Duchess.

When Andrew first sets eyes on the young, beautiful, widowed Clarissa, he is smitten. He makes a point of meeting and spending time with her. But when he finds her breaking into Lady Strauss’s room he decides that she needs a firm hand as well as his assistance. And who better to provide it than a member of the infamous Rakes of Mayfair?

This is book five in the Rakes of Mayfair series, but can be enjoyed as a standalone.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy Victorian romance features elements of mystery, suspense, danger, and power exchange.