Available June 8th

After watching her two best friends find love with strong, dominant men, Amy decides it’s her turn. She sets her mind to finding the love she’s always wanted. Not just any love. She wants what her friends have, the love of a man who knows what he wants, and takes it.

Lance Ackermann has kept his eye on Amy for some time now, and not just because he is the Director of Security at the Broadstone hotel and it’s his job. Now that she’s available, separated and divorced, he seizes the opportunity. Does it matter that he’s with Carmen as well? Lance doesn’t think so.

Lance takes Amy in hand – and across his knee – initiating her into the world of obedience and domination. Amy is all too willing to follow wherever he leads, until she falls in love with him. Now it’s different; it means something. Amy wonders if Lance feels the same way about her, or is she just another one of his subs, like Carmen? If so, that won’t do. Amy wants more.

Set against the backdrop of the Lover’s Ball, Amy finds pleasure in the pain, but will she find the love she deserves?


Publisher’s Note: This steamy romance contains elements of power exchange.