Can she trust him again?  Or does she disappear forever?

Under the Witness Protection Program’s umbrella, Melissa Mitchell thinks she is finally safe with Joe Coleman.  She’s wrong.  After a life and death escape, Melissa is on the run again.

From the cartel certainly, but from Joe too?  Melissa thought she’d found her dream lover, the man who understood every naughty fantasy she’d ever had, but through carelessness and mistrust, he betrayed her once.  Can she trust him again?  Or should Melissa follow her instincts and disappear forever?

Joe Coleman likes his life as a hard-working detective in Richmond Virginia, and the last thing he needs is a sassy and smart girlfriend who understands his dominant side all too well.  But when Melissa falls into his life (and into his bed) it’s a done deal. 

Everything is wonderful until it’s not. In a heartbeat the Coleman family’s old-fashioned Christmas is shattered, and Melissa disappears into the night.  The only thing Joe can be sure of is the way he feels about her — but that won’t keep either of them safe, with the most vicious cartel on the face of the planet on their heels.

“Old-Fashioned Valentine” is an action-adventure romance with explicit adult content, including BDSM and domestic discipline play.  It is the direct sequel to “Old-Fashioned Christmas,” which should be read first.  Nickie Flynn is back with the perfect read for fans of strong heroines, alpha heroes, super steamy sex, old-fashioned over the knee action, and most of all true love! 

Available February 14th!