Available January 4th

Check in to theBreathless Fantasy Resort and Spa to explore your wildest fantasies while getting over a bad relationship or any other personal issue. Imagine the sensual version of The Love Boat meets Fantasy Island, and you’ll want to checkin and never check out!

This is what the guests at Breathless can look forward to. Read about Samantha, whose divorce attorney booked her for a weekend at the resort immediately following her divorce. What – and who – awaits her there is like nothing she could ever have imagined.

And then there’s Whitney, who wants a weekend away from her high-pressure job, with no responsibilities. What she doesn’t expect is to be paired with the man who broke her heart months ago.

What will happen to these guests? Will they leave the resort refreshed and with a new lease on life, or more heartbroken than they were when they arrived?

Publisher’s Note: These steamy contemporary romance tales contain power exchange themes.