Rancher’s Creed by Alyssa Bailey Coming January 30th


Rancher'sCreed_500x755Successful rancher, Ciarán O’Connor, lives his life by established principles. He is thankful to have found someone to share those standards with him; his, fiancée, Katherine Franklin. They seem to have everything a young couple dreams of; a new home, money, family, security, and an agreed upon lifestyle that might not fit everyone, but it fits them. Unfortunately, Katie has a past full of secrets and she has decided that she will not jeopardize what she has finally found with Ciarán by sharing those secrets.


But secrets have a way of making themselves known and when Katie’s secrets threaten to unravel the fairytale life they have started together, she knows it is time to come clean. She respects her husband’s creed and his determination to keep her safe but is struggling with doubts. Will the seeds they’ve begun to sow, blossom and take root or will Katherine’s secrets tear them apart? Will her new husband toss her aside when he learns about her past?


Ciarán worries about his love have escalated as she becomes more and more withdrawn. He wants nothing more than to make life perfect for her but learns he can not do it alone. How many trips across his knee will it take before Katherine learns that his love is unflagging? Ciarán knows that the love they share is strong enough to fight Katherine’s demons but can she trust in herself enough to take a chance?