What could she do but comply with their demands?

Accountant Jessica Roe kept her head down and always followed the rules. When she discovered possible illegal activity, she left that job and joined Reynaud and Associates. Her brother hadn’t asked for money in months and she was now dating Mark Jensen, an Alpha Team member. Then within one week, her brother needs money, and her old employer is trying to blackmail her. Not only is her savings at risk, but her relationship with Mark, her job with Reynaud and Associates, her friends, and her life.

Mark Jensen worked hard and played harder, preferring the one-night stands to anything long term, until he hooked up with the company accountant. Jessie was sweet and sassy but there was a loneliness about her that was unlike any woman he’d dated. She’d stolen his heart. Just when Mark had finally convinced Jessie to move in with him, her brother has more than money problems. Jessie was in over her head and making all the wrong decisions based on trying to protect her new friends and lover.

When her past and present put her in the middle of international illegal trade, it will take the whole team to keep her and the others safe while they figure out the details and bring this operation down.

Available January 9th