Changes abound when a group of seven ladies raised in an orphanage become an inheritance to the small town of Pine Falls, Nebraska. The ladies have grown up to be strong and independent, out of necessity. That serves them well in a new environment as they start seeing the many single men in town, until they start pairing off as couples. The local men are familiar with the dangers of living in the west in 1890, and try to protect their special lady. However, the ladies are used to taking care of themselves and each other. The men are having a difficult time getting the ladies to rely on them and listen to their warning when it comes to danger, and speak up if they see a possible problem.

They think they’ve found a solution, when a traumatic event intervenes. The ladies know the men would have prevented it, had they known what was happening. Now they’re wracked with guilt as they hope their men can somehow find a way to right their wrong.

Available July 22nd