Available Feb 16th

Seitka is a young shapeshifter who has a hard time following orders. When she disobeys her brother by going into the forest to search for herbs for her patients, she discovers that she should have listened to him when he told her it wasn’t safe. Now, she must pay the consequences for her actions, and she may lose her fiancée in the process.

The evil leader of a rival wildcat shifter clan has left her with child, and she flees to the protection of the abbey, thinking this is best for her clan and her child. But Daniel, her fiancée, follows her, and a new alliance is formed between the lairds, their healer wives and the shifter couple.

Seitka has been told that her child is destined to do great things. Will the babe survive long enough to grow, train with the lairds and fulfil that destiny? Or will his evil biological father destroy him before he even has a chance?

Disclaimer: This action romance book contains graphic scenes and some power exchange themes. If this is not to your liking, please do not read it.