Coming March 17th!

Royal Scold_200x300 (1)United by a royal contract, Io Desmond has found pleasure and pain under Xavier’s firm and steady hand. But trust is not something Io affords to anyone and without it she cannot receive the full measure of what Xavier will give her.

Bound by love and lust, Xavier Brice would give Io the affection and discipline she requires to feel cared for and safe. But he’s never faced anything like the inner demons holding Io away from the offer of home and stability.

If Io’s doubts and fears prove stronger than Xavier’s promise of protection and devotion the challenge could tear them apart. If Xavier’s promise of commitment and dependability can rise above, then together, through the pleasure and the pain, they will find love.


A recommedation, err, warning from one of the ARC reviewers:

A warning should come with this series. May cause disruption to you day, work, and ability to do anything but curl up and read. Also may leave reader with withdrawal or a sense of loss when completed. It is amazing!! I love the characters, the relationships and the mystery. I really hope a third is coming soon!!