Available March 23rd

The new sheriff seemed to be the only one in town who wasn’t fooled by Charles Napier’s “sweet as could be” daughter, Shay. The little brat was making a big fool of her father. But even when Grady presented evidence that she was stealing, the shopkeeper scolded him and told him he misunderstood sweet little Shay. Her green eyes mocked him, but Grady silently promised he would have the last laugh when he got her alone and bared her butt for a good striping with a switch.  


Shay knew the new sheriff was hiding something from the mayor, her father, and the entire town. He was no more a sheriff than she was, and he was going to get himself killed – unless she watched his back. He was lying about his name too. Additionally, he was thwarting all her attempts to get the money she needed for Lydia. Why did he have to be so handsome and irresistible? 


When Grady’s parents come to town, someone starts playing pranks on his cantankerous father Gus. As they increase in severity, Shay, with her past history of mischief, seems to be the obvious culprit. Tempers flare and distrust is rampant, how will love triumph? 


Publisher’s Note: This sweet historical romance contains elements of domestic discipline. It is a combined, revised and newly edited version of two previously released stories; Sugar and Spice, and Snips and Snails.