He had his hands full trying to keep her in line…

The complete series featuring five historical romances filled with adventure and suspense. 

Spring’s Savior

Brenden knew on the day he saved Spring’s life when she was seven years old that she would someday be his. He proved his love for her by waiting until she was old enough to become his bride.

Spring, however, has grown up to be a handful. Is Brenden up to the task of keeping her in line?

Summer’s Lawman

She fell in love with the town sheriff. 

He has his hands full with the headstrong Miss Fox, a.k.a. Summer. 

Can Mark protect her from the people of her past and prove to her family that he is worthy of their cherished daughter, all while keeping the headstrong girl in line?

Autumn’s Doctor

Autumn has a mischievous way about her which often lands her in hot water with her husband, the doctor.

They long for a child, but when all seems perfect in their world, tragedy strikes, leaving her loved ones to wonder if she or her unborn child will survive.

Wynter’s Storm

Wynter has loved Storm ever since she was a little girl. 

Will Storm be able to protect her now that they are older and life has become more complicated? Will he finally let Wynter know he loves her before it is too late?

Willow’s Journey

Willow is married to Lou and life is good – until two madmen escape from prison and set out to destroy the lawman by getting to his new wife. Can he protect her by sending her away until the prisoners are caught?

Publisher’s Note: This historical Western romance collection contains graphic scenes as well as stern discipline. If such material is offensive to you, please refrain from reading it.

Available October 20th