Available Sept 28th

Lexi had a talent that casinos didn’t much like. She also had a secret, one that drove her to use that talent at the very real risk of being caught and blacklisted – or much worse.

She and Richard Loomis had a history together that caused her to want to avoid him at all costs, so when she’d industriously tried to accumulate the funds she needed by the only means open to her, she didn’t expect to end up in the office of the man she ditched without a word, years ago, fighting for her right to do what she did while keeping her secret clutched close to her heart.

As badly as Lexi hurt him, Richard’s body wouldn’t just let him kick her to the curb the way she’d done him. Instead, he initiated a bargain between them that harkened back to the first time he’d caught her misbehaving in his casino.

And they both knew exactly how he was going to deal with the fact that she was doing it again.

Publisher’s Note: This dark, steamy, contemporary romance contains elements of power exchange.