Available July 13th

Jack waited more than a decade, deciding that his single chance at love had slipped by him, and he wasn’t looking for it, but somehow love had found its way back into his heart and into his life.

Keila left for college with a single goal in mind: to put as much distance between herself and her overbearing relatives as she possibly could, to figure out who she was and who she could become. She tried her hand as the campus party girl and nearly got herself booted from the dormitory for her efforts. Luckily for her, she had an RA who saw more and took her under her wing. She couldn’t have imagined that one late night conversation over cheesecake would change the trajectory of her college career and alter her entire future.

One weekend of theatre, dinner, and stuffed French toast brought them together, but what would it take to keep them that way? Can a girl with daddy issues and a man with a wall around his heart find what they need from a relationship in one another, or will they get stuck in the platonic arrangement they believed was all they needed?

Keila and Jack met through friends who had taken their arrangement to the next level. Now, it’s their turn to finish what they started in the way that works best for them. It’s time to renegotiate their Daddy Arrangement.

Publisher’s Note: This sweet May/December, interracial romance contains a theme of power exchange. If this is not for you, please do not read it.