Candy Travers needed money. Her mother was failing fast, and she was drowning in debt, even though she was working two and sometimes three jobs. Her friend suggested that she apply to the same government facility that she worked at. It would be more money and better benefits if she could get in.

It wasn’t a job for a thinking person; it was mostly janitorial, really. Until the day their trainer/manager asked for a volunteer to help her with a “special” patient. Dr. Hart Redmond had been a golden boy in his time, but that had ended the night there was an accident in his lab that changed everything for him.

Since then, Hart has tried to make his handlers see that only men should be coming in and cleaning his room. But he can’t stand incompetence and stupidity in anyone, male or female. And when he’s driven away the last one, they have no choice but to take who they can get.

Enter Candy Travers.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy sci-fi romance contains elements of power exchange.

Available October 18th