Available April 12th

Neither was looking for love, much less for forever. But when a tornado traps them in a laundromat, one night together just isn’t enough.

Hard-working, middle-aged Laura Turner dotes on her family but she has little life of her own. After a loveless marriage and a bitter divorce, a dominant man is the last thing she wants.

James Black has worked hard to establish his construction business. Divorced for three years, he knows what he wants, and it isn’t the too-young and too-demanding submissives who throw themselves at him at Club Indigo. When James introduces Laura to the pleasures of the lifestyle, he realizes he may have found what he has been looking for – an intelligent woman who can be his partner, as well as his submissive.

A tornado brought them together, but a dark past keeps driving them apart. Can James coax Laura from the fear that won’t let her get what she needs, or will she stay trapped by her memories?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary romance contains elements of power exchange.