Available Sept 22nd

Violet Ramsey is a different kind of woman for the 1890s. Not only does she own a business in a silver mining town called Calico, a town dominated and run by men, but she actively supports the temperance and suffragette movements, encouraging the women in her town to become involved. She has fought hard for her independence and she is not about to give it up, especially to a man.

The first time Tucker Barnes met Violet, she stood up to the most important men in town, and won. Since those same men were hell bent on hanging him, he was mighty grateful. The second time he met her, was in a town where he was sent to investigate and solve a string of murders.

The beautiful, all-grown-up, Violet was different from any other woman he had ever run across. She intrigued and distracted him and gave him hell just for the fun of it. He walked around with an itchy palm that wanted to smack her bottom and set her straight. He wanted her and she wanted to sleep with him; but refused to let it be known that she was his woman. She was as contrary as ever, but he knew what she needed.

A murderer is running loose in Calico. Tucker has to find him before he claims another victim, because he believes Violet is next.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy, historical western romance is intended for adults only and contains elements of suspense, mystery, danger, and power exchange. If any of these bother you, please do not purchase.